Please read the Introduction to Matched Betting before attempting this offer.

Now that you've gone through the basics, we're going to show you exactly how to make your first 175 to 225kr. It will take you approximately 30 mins to complete this process and you will need to invest a maximum of 1600 kr. Remember, as long as you follow the instructions, this is risk-free.


The first thing you need to do is sign up for a betting exchange (do not deposit any money yet). We recommend using Smarkets as they only charge 2% commmission (as opposed to Betfair who charge 5%). We always use the bookmaker to place our BACK bet and Smarkets to place the lay bet. These 2 bets will cancel each other out (with a small qualifying loss) allowing us to keep the bonus money as profit.



Now you need to create an account with the bookmaker. For this first offer we are using BWIN. Make sure you sign up using the link below to ensure you receive the bonus. Deposit 250kr and you should receive the bonus money immediately and your balance should be 500 kr. Now the adventure begins!



After the slightly laborious sign-up processes, this is where it starts to become fun! Below is the oddsmatcher. This oddsmatcher will do most of the work for you and it's what makes Matched Betting quick and profitable. We need to find a selection where you can place a BACK bet with Bwin and a corresponding LAY bet with Smarkets on the same event with as close odds as possible.

The events are presented in order of how close the BACK odds and LAY odds are. Therefore, the line at the top is the most profitable Matched Bet for you. A rating of 98% means that you'll keep 98kr of every 100kr matched bet that you place. This will usually mean a small qualifying loss but will be more than covered by the bonus money. This is why the 250kr bonus will result in a profit of 175 to 225 kr. As you will also receive 100 kr refund from Smarkets for your first losing bet, this brings your potential profit for this offer to 325 kr.

Choose whichever row you like from the oddsmatcher. You can just choose the first one but generally, I tend to go for games which are starting in the next couple of days as otherwise you will have to wait for a bit longer to receive your profit and start the next offer.

NB During the later stages of the World Cup and before the football season starts again, good matches can be limited. If nothing shows up, check again in a couple of days. Alternatively, you may need to wait until the World Cup starts again when there will be loads of matches.


We already know that the BACK stake with the bookmaker will be 500kr, but now that you`ve selected an event we need to work out what the LAY stake will be. To do this open up the calculator and enter the relevant information. I will use the upcoming Champions League Final game as an example:

So for this game:

I would enter these details in the calculator:


So this tells me my LAY stake will be 487.42 kr and the liability is 1072.32 kr. The concept of liability (exponeringen) can be tricky to understand at first. For now, the important point is that the LAY stake is how much you will place for the LAY bet and the liability is how much you need to have in Smarkets to cover it. The best way to understand it is to think of a LAY bet as the opposite of a BACK bet. With a back bet of odds of 3.0 you could potentially win 300 kr if you put a stake of 100 kr. Therefore if you place a corresponding lay bet you could potentially lose 300 kr which is why the betting exchange keeps this money reserved as "liability".

If a LAY bet wins, you win the amount staked.
If a LAY bet loses, you lose the liability amount.

There`s more information here. Although you can just rely on the figures that the calculator gives you, it`s worth taking the time to learn this as once you`ve understood this concept, Matched Betting is really very simple.

From the calculator I can also see that whatever the result in the game I will make a qualifying loss of 22.32 kr. This is fine as I have already received the bonus of 250 kr.

As the liability is the amount I need in Smarkets to place the LAY bet I will now deposit at least 1072.32 kr. (I recommend putting in a little extra as odds can change slightly).


Now, you need to navigate the the chosen match on both BWIN and SMARKETS. If you have trouble finding them, just find the game using the search function available on both sites. Once you`ve found the selected game, select the chosen result and it will bring up your betting slip. Place the 500kr bet with Bwin but don`t confirm it yet. With Smarkets you will notice there are 2 sides. As we want to LAY a bet with them, we always use the right hand (blue) side. Select this and enter the lay stake. Now confirm the BWIN bet followed by the Smarkets bet. A few people have reported and issue whereby it won`t let them place the whole 500kr bet in one go on Bwin. If that happen, just place a 2nd bet to take the total bet up to 500 kr.

Now you just need to wait for the game to be played. If your Bwin BACK bet lost, well done! You`re original deposit plus your profit will now be in Smarkets. You are free to withdraw this money, but we recommend you keep it there as you can use it to LAY your next offer. If your BWIN back won, then it`s still OK, you will just need to place one more bet before you can withdraw the money.


If your BWIN bet won, you will now have a balance of at least 1000 kr in BWIN. As the required rollover is 3 x Bonus+Deposit and we have already place 1 x 500 kr, we just need to place another 1000 kr bet and then we are done with this offer.

Now we will follow the same process again but this time using 1000 kr as the BACK stake.

  1. Find a good match on the oddsmatcher
  2. Enter the Back Stake and Lay Stake from the oddsmatcher into the calculator (along with Back commission of 2%)
  3. Find your selection on BWIN and SMARKETS and enter 1000 kr back stake on BWIN and the lay stake from the calculator on the right hand (blue) side on Smarkets.
  4. Confirm both the bets.
Whatever the result now, you are done with this offer. Your total profit is your bonus money (250kr) minus the small losses from you qualifying bets. If one of your Smarkets lay bets lost, you will also get a 100 kr refund from Smarkets. Even if you had to complete the wagering you should have made a profit of between 175 to 325 kr.

Congratulations on your first Matched Betting profit! I recommend at this stage downloading and filling in this sheet to keep track of your profits. Although it's a relatively small amount of profit, hopefully you're starting to understand the concept. Most of the offers (over 60!) on the site are worth at least 500 kr and some are worth far more so it's definitely worth perservering. Complete another 2 or 3 offers and it will soon become second nature.