9 Reasons why you need an Oddsmonkey Account


Everything on Profitclub.se is free and you don't need any additional subscriptions to start making money with Matched Betting. However, if you want to maximise your efficiency and increase your income streams, an Oddsmonkey subscription is essential. The original pioneers of the oddsmatching software, Oddsmonkey have continued to innovate and their range of tools, matches and calculators is unsurpassed.

Although the site is primarily focused on the UK and Ireland matched betting market, their tools can be utilised in any country and will enable you to continue to make money long after the sign ups are done.

    1. The Original Oddsmatcher. Paul King, the founder of Oddsmonkey, came up with the idea of the oddsmatcher after browsing various Matched Betting blogs and articles. Despite many imitators (us included!) it remains the fastest and most reliable oddsmatcher out there with an unrivalled number of bookmakers. They have many of the bookmakers which operate in Sweden but are not on our oddsmatcher.

    2. Oddsmatcher Filters. Especially useful for the slightly limited range of bookmakers in Sweden, their oddsmatcher allows you to create and save a filter which will only show results relevant to Sweden.

      Oddsmatcher Filter

    3. The Dutch Matcher. Brilliantly powerful tool that enables you to make an instant guaranteed profit from every bet. Not as in depth as the RebelBetting Arbitrage software but will bring up a huge number of profitable bets every day. You can also set a filter to just show the relevant bookmakers available in Sweden. This tool alone will cover the subscription cost with a couple of bets. You can even set up an alert which will send you an email every time an arbitrage bet with your set criteria comes up.

      Dutching Matcher

    4. EachWay Matcher. This matcher identifies each way bets which can be placed to either make a small guaranteed profit or as a Value Bet. This is a fantastic and proven system that will help you to boost your monthly income. Click here to find out more about adding a new income stream from each way betting.

    5. Tutorials and Training. While we do our best to supply you with the essential training required so that you can start making money with matched betting, there are many more articles and tutorials available at Oddsmonkey covering subjects as diverse as making money from casino, overlaying and underlaying and accumulators.

    6. Accumulator Builder. Some of the sign up offers such as TipBet and WilliamHill require an accumulator bet to be placed to receive the bonus money. You can of course use our free but slightly time consuming spreadsheet, but the online accumulator builder greatly simplifies the process.

    7. Dutching Calculator. If you have the capital, a great way to save time is to do use the dutching calculator to do a few sign up offers all in one go. We don't recommend this at the start as mistakes can be very costly but if you're an experienced matched bettor and want to help friends make money, you can use this to help you to do lots of sign up offers together.

      Dutching Calculator

    8. Excellent value for money. Considering what you get for the price, the Oddsmonkey subscription is very good value (currently £17.99). A couple of risk free arbitrage bets from the dutch matcher, a good value bet from the eachway matcher or just a high rated match from the oddsmatcher for a sign up offer will all more than cover the cost of the subscription.

    9. Supporting Profitclub.se. Keeping this entirely free website up to date is incredibly time consuming. If you sign up through the link above, it doesn't cost you any extra but I receive a small commission from Oddsmonkey. This helps me to keep the site running and create more guides and identify more ways to make money.