• What are Multiple Bets / Accumulators (ACCA) / combos?
An Accumulator (or multiples, ACCA, combos etc,) is a linked series of single bets. Namely 2 or more single bets that are combined as a single bet. Any winnings from the first selections are automatically staked on the second selection as a win single and so on until all selections have won, or until one selection loses in which case the whole bet loses.

A bet on two selections is a Double. A bet on 3 selections is a Treble. After this, they are named after the number of selections such as fourfold, fivefold, sixfold etc. The winnings are calculated by placing all the money on the first selection. The winnings from that are then placed on the next bet and so on.

  • Why do we do Matched Betting with Accumulators?
There are currently 2 bookmakers where it is necessary to lay an accumulator to make a profit.

1. WilliamHill currently require you to place your deposit on an accumulator with a minimum of 3 selections before you can receive your bonus.

2. Comeon require you to place a bet with a minimum of two selections for it to count towards wagering.

  • Basics of Matched Betting Accumulators
1. This spreadsheet enables you to put in the details of each leg of the accumulator and will automatically calculate your lay bet for each leg.

2. All selections for the accumulator must take place at different times. If you are laying off teams that are playing at the same time you risk a large lay loss. You must be able to lay one leg of the accumulator and check the result before you decide whether to lay the next leg.

3. When a back bet loses in the accumulator (and therefore your lay bet wins) you are done and you should not place any further lay bets. When doing an accumulator to extract the Welcome Bonus the ideal scenario is for the first leg to lose as you are done with the sign up and your profit is all in the exchange.

4. If your back bet wins, you will need to place a lay bet on the next game. If it wins again, you will need to place another lay bet and so on until the accumulator is complete. If you end up having to lay 3 or more legs it can require a lot of liability so always check this before you start the accumulator.

  • Qualifying bets to extract a Welcome Bonus.
1. For this example I will use the sign up offer at WilliamHill For this offer, if we deposit 1000 kr we will get a 1000 kr free bet but only after we’ve wagered the deposit on an accumulator with a minimum of 3 selections and total odds of 3.5.

2. First find 3 selections with odds as close as possible to the exchange odds. Try to keep to odds under 2.0. Make sure that all the games kick off at different times and don’t overlap. Enter the Date, Event, Selection, Back Odds and Lay Odds into the spreadsheet. In the top left corner, enter the Back Stake (in this example 1000 kr), Bet Type (Qualifier) and Multiple Type (Treble). As this is a qualifying accumulator you can leave the bonus section blank. The total odds need to be as close to 3.5 as possible but no lower.

3. This will now show us the EV (expected value) of the accumulator (in this case -96.89) and the lay bets which we need to place for each selection. It also shows the total liability. Although you may not need this, do not do the accumulator if you can’t cover the total liability as this could lead to large losses.

4. Remember that with accumulators, we only place 1 lay bet at a time. For this accumulator we can see that we need to place a lay bet of 921.54kr against Liverpool. If the odds have changed slightly that’s fine. Just enter the updated odds into the spreadsheet and it will automatically calculate the new lay stake.

5. If your first selection loses with the bookmaker then you do not need to lay any further bets as the accumulator is already lost. All your money will now be in Betfair and as the accumulator is now settled you should receive your 1000 kr free bet.