Sports Betting in Sweden: 5 Best Ways To Make Money from Bookmakers.

Before You Start


I’m going to start this article with a warning. I’m going to teach you about a variety of betting systems. Some of these can be utilised to create a guaranteed profit. Others identify a value bet which gives you a small but consistent edge over the bookmaker. Gambling can be very addictive. While these systems have been proven to be profitable, it does take discipline as well as good bankroll management.


If you have a tendency to gamble then these may not be for you. I use all these systems myself to varying degrees. Although it’s not going to make you a millionaire overnight, it will provide a steady income with the right dedication. Any money you make from bookmakers is also tax free. With that out of the way, here are the five best ways to earn money from sportsbetting in Sweden:


1. Matched Betting


By far the most popular system, due to its simplicity, large profits and virtually risk free nature. Thousands of people make money from matched betting across the world and it has been mentioned in many respected publications. Sign up for a bookmaker and accept their deposit bonus. By placing bets that cover all outcomes of an event you can turn the bonus money into profit. Currently in Sweden, there’s over 20 000 kr worth of sign up bonuses. If you follow the instructions carefully, will give you a profit of at least 15 000 kr. At we’ll provide you with all the instructions and tools you need without ever charging you a subscription.


How To Get Started::


  • Use the completely free in-depth guides, tutorials and oddsmatcher at Start Here.
  • Send an email to if you want to join our free private Slack group.



2. Value Betting:



Value Betting is placing bets on an outcome at higher odds than the actual probability of the outcome. A quick example would be if you were betting on a coin toss. There is a 50/50 chance of either heads or tails. With no bookmaker margin, the odds on either heads or tails is 2.0. If we were then offered odds of 2.1, this would be considered a value bet. There’s a good chance this bet will still lose and it’s possible you could lose 7 or 8 times out of 10. Place the same bet many times and your profit will start to increase roughly in line with the Expected Value. This is why casinos can make so much money from Blackjack even though the house edge is only around 0.5%.


Whilst the theory is straightforward, the reality is that finding genuine value bets can be tricky. You need to either have an in-depth knowledge of particular markets or the ability to analyse detailed statistics. Thankfully, there are various tools available that quickly and easily identify value bets for you. The best one that we’ve come across so far is the RebelBetting ValueBetting software. Their software provides a constant feed of value bets and their bookmaker integration makes it incredibly fast to place the bets. It also includes a BetTracker which shows all your bets and your current profit compared to the Expected Value. They also have bankroll management built into their software which will help to decrease the risks involved.


To try out the full version of the software for free for two weeks, sign up with this link. The main advantage of the ValueBetting software is that you can place a large volume of bets very quickly. The more bets you place the closer your profit should be to the Expected Value. On the negative side, it’s not guaranteed profit and you will have bad weekends when results go against you. There is also a risk that bookmakers may restrict your stake if you become too profitable. This appears to be less of an issue since the new regulations. It’s also possible to reduce the risk by sticking with certain markets or betting patterns.


The Rebelbetting software doesn’t include all the Swedish licensed bookmakers but does include enough to make it worthwhile. These are the Swedish bookmakers that are included in the software: 888Sport, ATG, Bet365, Betfair, Bethard, Betsafe, Betsson, Bwin, CasinoStugan, Comeon, Expekt, Interwetten, LeoVegas, NordicBet, PAF, Scandibet, Snabbare, SpeedyBet, Unibet and Williamhill.


A ValueBetting subscription also includes a mobile version of the software. This is probably the best betting app you will ever have on your phone. It provides a constant stream of value bets and enables you to place them quickly with the bookmaker.


UPDATE: RebelBetting now have Svenskaspel odds included in their software. This is a major development for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Svenskaspel have way more competitive odds since the gambling market was regulated. Most importantly, they will not restrict you.


How To Get Started::


  • Learn more about the RebelBetting ValueBetting software here:
  • Send an email to if you want to join our (free) private Slack group and see my real-life results.



3. Arbitrage Betting


Arbitrage betting is the process of betting on all outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit. Gambling is a hugely competitive business and as such bookmakers constantly adjust their odds. As bookmakers have different methods and approaches for updating odds they can often vary greatly. This leads to frequent arbitrage situations. Calculate the correct stake for the given odds and we can place bets that will be profitable whatever the result.


There are many sites that offer a free arbitrage betting calculator. Identifying these bets yourself is incredibly time consuming. It is also risky as the odds can change very quickly. The RebelBetting SureBets software feeds you a constant stream of arbitrage bets. It also provides integration with the bookmakers so that you can place bets quickly.


How To Get Started::


4. Oddsboosts


Oddsboosts are where bookmakers give you hugely improved odds usually for big games. The status of oddsboosts is a little unclear since the new regulations came into effect. Currently, it appears that they fall outside the scope of ongoing bonuses so they are offered from time to time. Expekt, Snabbare, Betway have all offered oddsboosts recently although the stake amount will be restricted, usually to 50 or 100 kr.


With oddsboosts we have two choices. We can make a small but guaranteed profit by laying the bet at a betting exchange. Alternatively, it can be more profitable in the long term by placing the bet and treating it as a value bet. Bookmakers in Sweden may start to offer more oddsboosts if they see it is as a way of keeping players interested whilst keeping within the rules. On the other hand, they could well be stopped altogether.


How To Get Started::


  • Follow out twitter account for all the latest oddsboosts and new sign up offers.

5. EachWay Sniping


An Each Way bet splits your stake into two. 50% of your stake is placed on a win. The other 50% is placed on your horse finishing in one of the predetermined positions. Generally this is either in the top 3 or 4 depending on the number of runners. The odds on the position are usually a third or a quarter of the win odds.


Horse racing odds change very quickly. When one or two horses become strong favourites their odds decrease. This creates artificially high odds for some of the outsiders. An each way bet doesn’t differentiate between a horse finishing in 2nd, 3rd or even 4th. This creates a value bet situation that we can take advantage of.


EachWay sniping works on small margins. It is possible to lay the each way bet and guarantee a profit. This can be risky as odds can change while placing the bets. By laying the bets at an exchange you will also have to factor in the bookmaker commission. A much quicker (but also riskier) method is to place value each way bets when they come up without laying them. Just as with Value Betting, this can lead to long periods of losses. Over time and with enough bets, you will be profitable especially if you utilise good bank roll management and stake sizing.


Finding your own eachway value bets is incredibly time consuming. Thankfully, Oddsmonkey have an excellent each way matcher which will pick out all the positive value each way bets for you.


How To Get Started::


  • Find out more about EachWay Sniping here.
  • Use this link to sign up with Oddsmonkey and access their EachWay Matcher. Their site is mainly focused on the UK and Ireland but their tools and matchers are invaluable.