1. Sign up with RebelBetting using the link above. RebelBetting isn't cheap but their software is very impressive and will provide you with good profits over time.

    2. Setup is very straightforward. Select the Markets you want to focus on. I just stick to football and the 3-Way and Over/Under markets but many more are available:

      ValueBetting Options

    3. Next, select the bookmakers that are available in Sweden. You'll find that the majority of the Valuebets will be with Bet365, 888Sports, Interwetten, Bwin and SvenskaSpel although others do come up freqently and more bookmakers are being made available in the software all the time.

      Valuebetting Bookmakers

    4. Next, enter you total bankroll. This is very important. Setting the correct bankroll significantly decreases the risk. The software will automatically calculate your stake depending on your bankroll, the percentage value of the bet and the odds.

    5. The main screen is constantly updated with the latest value bets. To place a bet, just select the event and click on "Bet". You can set up bookmaker integrations which will take you straight to the bookmkaer and allow you to place the bet quickly.


    6. All your bets can be logged in the BetTracker with one click. The BetTracker will give you detailed insights into your profit, expected value and settled/unsettled bets. If you're used to logging every bet in a spreadsheet, you will instantly recognise the huge time saving advantages. These are the results from my first 73 bets with bankroll set to 50 000 kr. The chart at the top shows the profit compared to the Expected Value.


    7. It is important to understand that this is NOT a risk free system and it does take some time. You will inevitably encounter long losing streaks as well as long winning streaks. With value betting you are looking for long term profitability. Your expected value will depend on your bankroll and how much time you can dedicate.

    8. The software can be downloaded on mobile and this can allow you to place many bets even when you're not by your PC. Previous results indicate that if you place around 30 bets a day, you will over time show an average return of between 10 and 20% per month.