Min. Odds: 1.4
Rollover: 6 x Bonus
Capital Required: 14000 kr (assuming odds of 2.0 and full wagering)
Profit: 1300 to 1900 kr

Notes: Due to the new betting regulations in Sweden this offer is currently available to all players, even if you've previously completed Unibet's sign up before 1st Jan 2019. You have 60 days to complete this offer.
    1. Click on the Link above and register with your BankID. Deposit 2000 kr and the 2000 kr bonus should be added immediately.

    2. Open the Oddsmatcher. Select Unibet from the drop-down menu. Click on "Filter". Set the Min. Odds to 1.4, Limit Sports to Football, Limit Market Type to Match Odds (1X2) and Limit Exchange to "Betfair".

    3. Now pick a game with a high rating of at least 95%. Higher odds will increase the possibility of your BACK bet losing and your LAY Bet winning. This is ideal as you will avoid the rollover and your money (including the profit) will be available for withdrawal in your Betfair account as soon as the game is settled. Be warned though, higher odds will also mean higher liability (money you need in the exchange for the lay bet) so if you only have 4500 kr of capital, stick to odds as close to 1.4 as possible but no lower.

    4. Click on the icon, to the left of your chosen game on the oddsmatcher. Enter 4000 kr in the bookmaker stake field.

    5. Find your chosen match on both Unibet and Betfair and check the odds are still the same as the oddsmatcher. If they've changed slightly, either find a new match or re-calculate with the new odds. Place and confirm your 4000 kr back bet with Unibet. Place the corresponding lay bet (using the lay stake from the calculator) with Betfair. This is always placed on the PINK right-hand side against the outcome or team you backed with the bookmaker. Double check that your BACK BET is confirmed and your Betfair LAY BET is matched.

    6. If your bet loses with Unibet, you are now done with this offer and should have made around 1900 kr in profit. If it won with Unibet, carry on with the next step.

    7. Follow steps 2 to 4 again. For the second bet, we recommend you use your whole balance as your back stake. If it wins again you'll need to place further bets until the total of your back bets is 12000 kr. Even if you have to complete the wagering, you should still make a profit of at least 1300 kr.

    8. Withdraw any funds from your Unibet account and move on to the next offer. Your profit is your bonus minus the small losses from your qualifying bets.