Value Betting is a common principle in sports betting where you place bets that have a higher probability of winning than the odds offered by the bookmaker imply.

Identifying value bets traditionally involved studying statistics or having an in-depth knowledge of a particular team, event or market. Since the advent of betting exchanges, it is possible to track a bookmakers odds in relation to the exchanges odds to identify opportunities. As the betting exchange odds are formed by the wisdom of the crowd they can change quickly when important information changes the complexion of a game. There is often a delay between the betting exchange odds changing and the bookmaker updating their odds which can lead to potential value bets.

There are many professional gamblers that are able to be consistently profitable over time using these methods. Thankfully, there are advanced software applications as well as sites with detailed statistical analysis available that can identify the value bets for us or at least give a small edge over the bookmaker. Before you throw all your money into it and start imagining what you can spend with your new income stream there are a few crucial factors that you need to take into account.

    1. Value Bets will not always win. In fact, many will lose. When you're starting out you may well find yourself not only unprofitable, but potentially losing money. You will inevitably experience long losing runs as well as freakish winning streaks. The key is to understand that given enough time and bets, your profit will start to rise roughly in line with your Expected Value.

    2. Identifying Value Bets can be very time consuming. There are sites such as BetDynamo which will give you in-depth statistics to help you identify value bets and have proved successful over time, however we recommend the RebelBetting ValueBetting software as it does the hard work for you and allows you to place a large number of bets very quickly.

    3. Don't rely on "instinct". Many gamblers will see certain odds and, with little justification, believe that they are onto a winner. This is one of the factors that make bookmakers so profitable. RebelBetting ValueBetting software has been proven to work over time with accurate Expected Value and profitability figures.

    4. There is no Risk-free ValueBetting system. Unlike Matched Betting, you are not laying bets or betting on all available outcomes so there is an inherent risk.

    5. Good bankroll management and stake-sizing is crucial. This will help you to reduce the risk and ensure you don't run out of money.

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